Price List


LOGO Creations

Circular Logo Creation 50,00 EUR
Not Circular Logo Creation 60,00 EUR
Free Logo Creation 100,00 EUR


QSL Creations

1-side for Electronic QSL 25,00 EUR
2-sides QSL: Front color – Back B/W 40,00 EUR
2-sides QSL: Front & Back color 50,00 EUR
4-sides QSL deluxe: 4 sides color 60,00 EUR


AWARD Creations

1 side A4 format color 30,00 EUR


Further changes on works already delivered

Cost per working hour 20,00 EUR


Paper Logbook Transcription

Cost for single standard logbook page
(20 lines for page, 1 side per sheet)
2,00 EUR


Logbook Check & Analysisy

Cost ADIF file up to 1000 QSO 15,00 EUR
Cost ADIF file up to 2500 QSO 25,00 EUR
Cost ADIF file up to 5000 QSO 40,00 EUR